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Christian Herr House. 1719

Lancaster County Architectural Styles: Germanic

Germanic circa 1710 – 1770 The house known as the Herr House was built by Christian Herr in 1719 as a home for his aging parents, Hans and Elizabeth, but also as a Mennonite meetinghouse. The home was erected on a hill, in a style that could be traced back to the Roman occupation of…


History of Columbia: How roads, rivers and rails led to the architectural gem that is Historic Columbia

1726 – Present The history of Columbia Borough can be traced back to pre-historic times when Native Americans occupied the area known today as Columbia. The first European settlers in the area arrived in 1726. The families of three men, John Wright, Robert Barber, and Samuel Blunston, acquired tracts of land and established permanent homes.…

Who was C. Emlen Urban?

For more than 45 years, the prolific Urban created many of the historic landmarks that are fundamental to the beloved character of Lancaster City. This naturally begs the question, who was C. Emlen Urban? Many Lancastrians are unaware of the life-long work of celebrated local architect C. Emlen Urban. His deft eye for design transformed…