C. Emlen Urban Awards

Photo of C. Emlen Urban (1863-1939)

C. Emlen Urban (1863-1939)

The Trust’s mission is to educate and advocate for the preservation of significant Lancaster County historic sites and architecture. Each year the Trust recognizes projects that reflect our mission and individuals who strive to achieve this mission.

The Trust’s annual meeting and awards banquet is held in November to honor Lancaster’s pre-eminent architect – C. Emlen Urban (1863-1939). We encourage you to nominate a project or person for one of our awards listed on the right side of the page that have contributed to the preservation of Lancaster County’s historic architecture and sites.

The C. Emlen Urban awards are our way of saying ‘thank you’ to those in the area who have helped to keep alive the architect’s vision and to preserve Lancaster’s unique history as seen through the County’s architecture.

There are ten categories of awards. Nominations are received all year long. The nominations are reviewed and additional information obtained, if necessary. Selection of winners is competitive. In September, the Trust Board makes the final decision on winners. (There may be more than one winner in each category). Winners are notified and announced in the press, displayed on the Trust Web Site and included in our newsletter. Those selected will be invited to our Annual Meeting where they will be presented with their awards and asked to prepare a display for guests to enjoy at the annual meeting.

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