Pre-Order for 2024 Annual Uncharted Lancaster Treasure Hunt

Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? The annual Uncharted Lancaster treasure hunt returns in the Spring of 2024 with the JBT and Raiders of the Golden Osprey Treasure Hunt Adventure. With $3,200 up for grabs, weekly cash prizes, and four ways to win, this promises to be their most exciting adventure yet!

On this thrilling five-week expedition, players will explore Lancaster and Lebanon Counties on this quest for fortune and glory as they race to uncover the Golden Osprey—a fabled treasure hidden over two millennia ago when ancient Phoenician explorers discovered the Susquehanna.

🥇 First place The first team to complete the adventure claims the treasure chest overflowing with $1,500 in one-dollar coins.
🥈 Second place The runner-up receives a fantastic loot box with $1,000 in one-dollar coins!
🥉 Third place The adventure isn’t over for the bronze medalists, who haul home a hefty cache of $500 in one-dollar coins!


In addition, an honorable mention goes to the fourth-place team with the highest score on the leaderboard (and not among the first three Golden Osprey finders), as they’ll walk away with $250! All four teams receive a full-size commemorative Golden Osprey souvenir to remember this epic quest.

Are you ready to accept the challenge, gather your crew, and make history? Join the adventure of a lifetime and secure your chance at fortune and glory when you pre-order your JBT and Raiders of the Golden Osprey Treasure HuntAdventure!

Pre-orders ship on the day before the official announcement in mid-March. For more information about the annual Uncharted Lancaster treasure hunt, visit

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