Treasure hunting returns to the Susquehanna Valley with Uncharted Lancaster’s Quest for the Jewel of the Susquehanna

We are excited once again to partner with Uncharted Lancaster for their annual treasure hunt—Jewel of the Susquehanna!  With $2,000 up for grabs and four ways to win, this promises to be their most exciting adventure yet! Click here to begin your adventure.

The Jewel of the Susquehanna

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Profits from this year’s treasure hunt are again being used to fund our digital archiving project. This ambitious undertaking involves scanning our 160,000 artifact collection, including many one-of-a-kind items highlighting Lancaster County’s rich architectural heritage. The project is expected to cost upwards of $200,000. So while you are busy trying to find Uncharted Lancaster’s treasure, you are helping us to preserve ours.

The first team to successfully complete this exciting five-week expedition unlocks the hiding place of the Jewel of the Susquehanna, which redeems for an 18-pound coin-laden puzzle box (worth $350) filled with $1,125 in one dollar coins. Second and third-place finishers receive $500 and $250, respectively. In addition, an honorable mention fourth place prize of $125 for the team with the highest score on the leaderboard (and is not among the first three Jewel of the Susquehanna finders).

First place includes the massive Jewel of the Susquehanna and $1,125 in one dollar coins inside a one-of-a-kind puzzle box.

How to Play

Playing is simple. 1. Register your team. 2. Purchase your treasure map. 3. Check Uncharted Lancaster’s website every Saturday at 8 am beginning April 15, 2023, for that week’s challenges. 4. Solve the weekly riddles and decipher the clues to unlock segments of the treasure’s GPS coordinates. Full details are available on the Uncharted Lancaster website.

Purchase your treasure map today for a shot at claiming your fortune and glory! Weekly clues begin Saturday, April 15, 2023.

Register your team. | Order your treasure map.

So many coins!