2017 Preservation Award Nominations

The Trust’s annual meeting and awards banquet is held in November to honor Lancaster’s pre-eminent architect – C. Emlen Urban (1863 – 1939). We encourage you to nominate for an award a project or person that have contributed to the preservation of Lancaster County’s historic architecture and sites. Please check the appropriate category box below and complete the accompanying application. For more information contact Christi Johnson at 717-291-5861 or Director@hptrust.org.

The C. Emlen Urban awards are our thank you for helping to keep alive the architects vision and to preserve Lancaster’s unique history as seen through our architecture. There are nine categories of awards. The Announcement of the nomination process will be released to the press. Forms for the nomination process are also distributed to architectural and construction firms. Nominations must be submitted by 31 July. Nominations are reviewed and additional information obtained if necessary. Selection of winners is competitive. In September the Trust Board makes the final decision on winners and there may be more than one in each category. Winners are announced in the press, displayed on the Trust Web Site and included in our newsletter. Those chosen will be asked to prepare a display for guests to enjoy at the annual meeting.

[button link=”http://hptrust.org/wp-content/uploads/HPT-Awards-Application-2017.pdf” type=”big”] Download Nomination Application Now[/button]