Sehner-Ellicott-von Hess House

123 N. Prince St. 4 - 7-28-2014 compressedBuilt in 1787 by German builder Gottlieb Sehner, this property is significant because Andrew Ellicott ( (1754 – 1820) lived in it for 12 years. It was here where Ellicott, commissioned by U. S. President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826),  taught Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809) surveying techniques for the  Lewis & Clark Expedition (1803-1806) of western territories. The house was restored from 1978 to 1981 by the Louise Steinman von Hess Foundation and became headquarters for the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County in 1982.  The house is an example of how and why historically significant properties can be saved and adapted for new uses.