Shoppes at Belmont

Shoppes at Belmont
Shoppes at Belmont

Shoppes at Belmont is a high-quality, unique mixed-use development proposed for the Southeast corner of Fruitville Pike and Route 30. The Shoppes will be located in an existing, vibrant commercial corridor of Manheim Township in Lancaster County.

Shoppes at Belmont, a project of Manbel Devco, will transform a commercial-zoned tract of land into a dynamic community featuring retail and residential housing. Smart lifestyle features such as bike and walking trails will connect the community to downtown Lancaster. In addition, many of the historic attributes of the property will be preserved and utilized to enhance the heritage and style of the development. The project will offer a unique experience in Lancaster County, with shopping, dining and living in close proximity. The project vision is for a vibrant community center offering an array of experiences and options for accessibility.

The developer of Shoppes at Belmont is Manbel Devco, whose partners are Phil Frey and Nick Frey. In partnership with Manbel Devco are R.J. Waters & Associates and Charter Homes & Neighborhoods. Combined, this team has more than 80 years of experience working in Lancaster County on projects that have garnered vast community support. 


Shoppes at Belmont, a project of Manbel Devco, will create a vibrant mixed-use community that enhances Lancaster County. The project team will work collaboratively with the community to incorporate retail and residential uses, preservation of historic elements, traffic improvement and multi-modal accessibility, and provide for farmland preservation.

Community Collaboration and A Proven Track Record

Shoppes at Belmont project is led in large part by the Frey family, who have been active residents in the Lancaster community since 1758. The Frey’s have a deep respect for the local community heritage and a proven track record of working on community-focused projects in the Lancaster County area.

Shoppes at Belmont will become part of an already vibrant commercial corridor in Lancaster County and will add new uses to this community, including preservation of existing open space and historical attributes, trails for biking and walking, as well as traffic improvements to help with traffic volume and flow. The diverse assets of the development will offer exciting new choices to residents, visitors, businesses and farmers in Lancaster County. We are committed to working collaboratively with our community.

Historic Preservation

The developers of Shoppes of Belmont are proud to be preserving many of the historic aspects of the Mayer-Hess farmstead including the Italianate-style mansion. The mansion was built between 1870 and 1874 and could be used for offices, a café, or similar uses as permitted under the Manheim Township zoning. The retail and residential buildings in the development will be based on the farm stead aesthetic. The property’s main barn and smaller farmstead barns will be preserved at another site in Lancaster County and made available for events.

Shoppes at Belmont will also include preservation and interpretive information for the property’s historic cemetery (circa 1700’s), quarry and lime kilns. The historic lime kilns provided lime used for whitewash, mortar and fertilizer for Lancaster farms. In addition to interpretive features at these sites, interpretive education will be provided where possible to discuss the heritage of the Mayer-Hass farmstead and the various elements of the property.

Farmland Preservation

The Frey family understands and respects the role farming plays in our area. Through the Manheim Township Transferrable Development Rights (TDR) program, we will be preserving farmland in Lancaster County through the purchase of 77 TDRs, which equates to approximately 40 acres of preserved farmland.

Smart Growth and Multi-Modal Accessibility

Shoppes at Belmont is smart growth-focused as it is located in an existing commercial corridor and incorporates multi-modal accessibility for bicyclists and pedestrians. It provides trails for walking and cycling around the development for both residents and other community members, and importantly provides connections to the existing Manheim Township bike pathways. These trails weave through the secured open space at Belmont, providing accessibility to many of the preserved historic elements of the site. Additionally, new sidewalks along Fruitville Pike provide access and connectivity to downtown Lancaster, contributing to the area’s vision for “Complete Streets.”

Improving Traffic

As local community members and bike-enthusiasts, we care deeply about the level and flow of traffic through our area. We are committed to making necessary traffic improvements around Shoppes at Belmont. The project will include extensive roadway improvements such as the addition of sidewalks along Fruitville Pike that will connect Shoppes at Belmont to downtown Lancaster and an existing bicycle corridor. The improvements proposed for this project will help alleviate current traffic and avoid additional congestion, while contributing to the area’s vision for Complete Streets, which focuses on multi-modal accessibility including walkability and biking.

Environmental Features

In planning Shoppes at Belmont, environment is key. Creating a completely new community in such rich historic countryside demands careful attention. Standards will be designed and reviewed by Township, County, State and Federal agencies. Historical and environmental studies are currently underway to help define this initiative.


Address:  1681 Fruitville Pike, Lancaster, PA  17601
610-388-6600, ext 16 or ext. 20