Nathaniel Ellmaker House

Ellmaker House after compressed

The Ellmaker House (1840) was the home of prominent Lancaster legislator Nathaniel Ellmaker. After construction and ownership by the Kennedy, Ellmaker, Slaymaker and, later, Crouse families, the stately homestead fell into disrepair.  The Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County acquired the property and worked for years to locate a developer or investor to save the structure.

In 2001, only weeks before the scheduled demolition of the property, the founders of Auntie Anne’s, Inc., Anne and Jonas Beiler, purchased the Ellmaker House and painstakingly restored it.  In recent years, the Ellmaker House served initially after restoration as a bed and breakfast and then as the headquarters for the nonprofit foundation established by the Beilers.  Today, the Ellmaker House continues to intrigue tourists and passersby, and is owned by local businessmen hoping to ensure that its legacy is not only preserved, but also enhanced.