C. Emlen Urban Awards Nomination

Photo of C. Emlen Urban (1863-1939)

C. Emlen Urban (1863-1939)

The Trust’s annual meeting and awards banquet is held in November to honor Lancaster’s pre-eminent architect – C. Emlen Urban (1863-1939). We encourage you to nominate for an award a project or person that have contributed to the preservation of Lancaster County’s historic architecture and sites.

The C. Emlen Urban awards are our thank you for helping to keep alive the architects vision and to preserve Lancaster’s unique history as seen through our architecture. There are nine categories of awards. Nominations are reviewed and additional information obtained if necessary. Selection of winners is competitive. In September the Trust Board makes the final decision on winners and there may be more than one in each category. Winners are announced in the press, displayed on the Trust Web Site and included in our newsletter. Those chosen will be asked to prepare a display for guests to enjoy at the annual meeting.

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Project Awards
Individual Awards
Project Awards

Leadership - This Award is presented to an individual or organization that has demonstrated the vision, wisdom, and perseverance to incorporate historic preservation in their projects and long-range plans.

Sustainability - This Award is presented to the owner of any historic structure or site that demonstrates a long-term commitment to conservation and building maintenance best practices to maintain historic significance.

Preservation - This award is presented for projects that comply with local, state, or national historic standards for preservation, rehabilitation, or restoration of a historic structure or site.

Adaptive Reuse - Presented for projects that reuse a historic structure or portion of a building for a purpose other than for which it was originally built.

Community Revitalization - This Award is presented for projects that enhance a historic district or community that include historic buildings and improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Master Craftsman - This Award is presented for meritorious effort to save a historic structure through master level building skills and knowledge.

Individual Awards

Inspiration (Individual Nomination) - This Award is presented to an individual who has been a long-time supporter of the Historic Preservation Trust and its mission

Haubert/Heisey Award (Individual Nomination) - This Award is presented to an individual who has supported the Historic Preservation Trust in an exemplary manner.

Smedley Award (Individual Nomination) - This Award is presented to a journalist or educator who has shown extraordinary support for historic preservation in Lancaster County.